A response to the antiquated, colonial approaches of existing carbon markets and frameworks.

Our Vision

A Relationship-Based Framework

We are focusing on returning land back to indigenous communities, reforestation, and regenerating biomes as well as culture.

Our goal is to support truly nature-based solutions that are self-led and community-driven.

Honoring Truth

Environmental Regeneration and Community Restoration Going Beyond Net-Zero and Carbon Markets

Indigenous resistance has stopped or delayed greenhouse gas pollution equivalent to at least one-quarter of annual U.S. and Canadian emissions.

Indigenous Peoples have the social and moral authority to protect their homelands, their communities, and, in turn, all of us. Comprising less than 5% of the world’s population, Indigenous People protect 80% of global biodiversity.

Indigenous Peoples are still in relationship with the Earth and have the traditional knowledge and wisdom that can regenerate the planet. Recognizing the Self-Determination and inherent sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples to decide what happens in their own territories is at the crux of the climate crisis and the climate solution.

A holistic vision focusing on everyday people on the front lines of the climate crisis.

Governmental global carbon markets that centralize wealth to be used at the whim of a few perpetuates colonial capitalism, instead of ensuring direct compensation to the communities on the front lines of climate impacts.

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Blue-Green Bonds & Scalable Direct Investments

Supporting communities with traditional knowledge of restoration and regeneration to guide the rebuilding of biodiversity and humanity’s rebalancing with nature.

Blue-Green Bond Ecosystem


Funds sent directly to communities and projects regenerating and protecting ecosystems.


Helping businesses transition to best practices. It ethically digitizes and modernizes value chains, while providing the educational and capacity building resources for everyday people to access the resources of tomorrow in timelines that are relevant.


Community-driven seaweed, reforestation, and a variety of solutions that regenerate nature, communities, and culture.


Decolonization is not complete without land restitution for Indigenous Peoples. Land Back restores connection to ancestral lands in meaningful ways. These commitments include water, natural resources, and infrastructure that have holistic impacts on nature and humanity’s future.


A Just Transition

When the answer is posed as a simple transition, there is no movement away from endless extractive growth.

Transcend Carbon's 5 Point Scale

Helping Governments with End-to-End Solutions from Carbon to Data

Modular Ethical Resilience Toolkits & Community-Driven Solutions

A Bridge to Communities

A Smart Contract Ecosystem that Bridges Everyday People to Global & Governmental Carbon Markets and Blue-Green Bonds.

Help governments and industrial interests to set up their NDCs.

Enable corresponding adjustments and immediate settlement of trades for national carbon inventories. 

Share a framework that more realistically mirrors the reality of what each carbon credit or investment means to the global economy, communities on the ground, and the natural world.

Article 6

Common protocols that allows for re-indigenization.

Transcend Carbon is a smart-contract enabled blue-green bond ecosystem supporting communities and nature directly.

It is also organizing ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token, equivalent to one tonne of CO2 equivalent has all pertinent carbon credit data, including ethics and holistic impacts, embedded into the NFT.

We have focused on building a pathway for countries of the world to finally operationalize Article 6 of the Paris Agreement ethically. This critical, incomplete article lays out the rules and procedures for international collaboration on emissions reductions and governance of cross-border carbon markets.

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